Tap Works Beer and Wine Saloon in Franklin

Best Bar in Franklin, WI for Great Beer, Fine Wine and Good Times

Recently opened, Tap Works has now become one of the best bars in Franklin, WI! At Tap Works brew connoisseurs can sample some of America’s best craft beers from the only self-serve tap in town. Wine aficionados can sip, swish and compare tasting notes to their heart’s content. Welcome to the best bar in Franklin, WI and surrounding areas!

North Woods Bar Ambiance...

Our craft beer bar in Milwaukee area has the cozy, casual feel of a lodge, but with all the little luxuries civilized society hates doing without. We have amazing views of Milwaukee County, huge flat screen TVs (always tuned to the big game), comfy leather sofas, ski lodge-style high tops and, of course, an impressive selection of craft beers and fine wines. Can't get away to the great northwoods? No problem! Just step into our craft beer bar in Franklin, WI! It's everything great about the northwoods, nestled right in your backyard!

Help Yourself To A Craft Beer

Saunter over to our self-serve tap bar to sample craft beers from across the United States. We have several craft beers on tap, plus wines. You’ll be given a wrist band with an electronic chip inside, which you’ll swipe credit card-style across a scanner on the tap. It’s a bit like filling your tank with gas. The wristband chip keeps track of how many ounces you pour. At the end of your tasting adventure, we’ll scan your wristband and tally your total.

Milwaukee Craft Beer Bartenders Are Standing By

If your drink of preference requires the services of one of our Milwaukee craft beer bartenders, you’ll be pleased to know there is always someone on duty and at your service. Incidentally, they just so happen to make incredible Margaritas, Bloody Marys and Long Islands. One of these concoctions will inevitably become our signature drink. You decide which merits the honor!

The Great Outdoors—Right Inside our Door

Our wine and craft beer bar in Franklin, WI offers great views from atop Crystal Ridge. We're nestled at the perfect vantage point for watching all the bikers, boarders and skiers at The Rock Sports Complex. In nice weather, find a sweet spot on our bar's outdoor patio or partake in a game of bags or croquet on the lawn by the Umbrella Bar (the best outdoor bar in Franklin, WI). Smashing good fun!

Tap Works Hours:

Tap Works is open for the 2016-2017 Winter Season.  *Special Hours until Snow Park Opens.

November 2016 Hours:
Monday: 4pm - Bar Close
Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 4pm - Bar Close
Friday: 4pm - Bar Close
Saturday: 11am - Bar Close
Sunday: 11am - Bar Close 

Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm Monday through Friday.  Please visit our one of a kind Umbrella Bar at The Rock!  To rent out at Tap Works for a wedding or a private event please email

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