Franklin’s Only Self-Serve Beer Tavern

A One-Of-A-Kind Bar in a One-Of-A-Kind Place

When we envisioned The Rock Sports Complex, our goal was to provide the greater Milwaukee area with a recreational sports facility unlike anything else around. On a neglected swath of land in Franklin, we created a mecca for local downhill mountain bikers, baseball enthusiasts, skiers and snowboarders. Mission accomplished!

Of course, participation in such sports leads to loss of bodily fluids, a raging thirst and a pressing need to gather some place to replay the day’s events, so we also built Tap Works Beer and Wine Saloon. With a cozy, “up north” vibe, a unique self-serve tap bar for craft beers and wine, and the camaraderie of kindred souls, Tap Works is the place to be after an epic day of sport or a hard day at work.

Craft Beers, Fine Wines…Oh, and Mixed Drinks, Too

Bar in FranklinSure, Tap Works is all about craft beers and fine wines, but we know our Mixology, too. Do your tastes run to something a little more exotic? Let our bartenders astound you with their mixed drink wizardry. One sip and your taste buds will tingle with excitement while your mind registers only one thought: Ahh, deliciousness!

Tap Works Specialty Winter Drinks (Coming December 2016)


Red Sangria

A classic drink.  Red wine, brandy, orange juice, sugar and a hint of cinnamon.  Poured over ice with a lemon, lime & orange slice.


Caramelized Hotness

Delicious Hot Cocoa, Ice Hole Salty Caramel & Frangelico liqueur topped with whipped cream & a chocolate covered pretzel.

Old Fashion

Bitters, cherries, sugar and water.  Brandy or whiskey. Garnished with an orange slice.


For all of you chocolate lovers, Simply put heavenly. Godiva chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao, New Amsterdam Vodka & cream. Garnished with a chocolate wafer.

Crash Davis Bloody Mary

Our own Rock recipe, made from scratch.  Made mild to spicy.  Garnished with a pickle, pepperoncini, string cheese, beef stick, lemon & a lime.

Tap Works Hours:

Tap Works is open for the 2016-2017 Winter Season.  *Special Hours until Snow Park Opens.

November 2016 Hours:
Monday: 4pm - Bar Close
Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 4pm - Bar Close
Friday: 4pm - Bar Close
Saturday: 11am - Bar Close
Sunday: 11am - Bar Close 


Let Us Host Your Event

Tap Works is also available during off-hours for private events such as group outings or birthday celebrations. We can help coordinate catering for your event and even arrange package deals for the use of our sports facilities. To learn more about holding your event here, contact Tap Works Beer & Wine Tasting Saloon.

Come experience the one and only self-serve beer and wine tasting tavern in Franklin. Bring your friends, your out-of-town guests, your drinking-age family members, even the random acquaintance you think could use a drink.  Whether you’re the sporting type, the spectating type or the just-looking-for-a-new-place-to-hang-out type, Tap Works welcomes you.

Contact Tap Works Beer and Wine Tasting Saloon in Franklin with your questions, comments or suggestions.

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